Benji (benji) wrote,

There are no paintings depicting a thousand words, no syntax or synonyms or lexicon of languages as yet unimagined that can really sum up the essence of that part of you that only exists when you give it away. Your heart, your soul, your love and your humanity. All if these exist in you and although they can delight in external things, the love of another person, the love of God, the love of art, or music or caring for another. They are all a part of you. Then there is this other part, this thing that is connected to all these things. It can only exist outside of yourself because it is so much greater than you. It is a whole that truly is larger than the sum of its parts. Yet although it is only outside of yourself, it is rooted in the deepest part of you. A tree isn't part of the ground, yet its connected to it. It grows from the ground and that is where it's life is drawn from. Yet at the same time it gives back to the ground. It holds it together, it drops leaves, seeds everything. The tree cannot be pulled out without ripping a hole in the ground.

This thing without a name, it is beautiful, it is eternal and it grows... Or at least it should.

Seriously what is the point?

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