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So it's that time of day again, when I'm physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually exhausted from bottling up all that swims around in side me. I hit this point and generally go to bed, letting my mind shut off and sleep wash over me like a wave to carry everything away again for one more day. Dreams gather up my baggage once more and I squash it all back in side ready to do it all once again. Ready to put on that max factor smile. A vinyl facade for the world to see, covering the cracks in an all too weathered inside.

Tonight though I will lay it out. I won't try and hide it, I won't be ashamed of what I am or what I feel.

Yesterday. That is where it all exists. Not Yesterday in a sense of before the sun last came up, but a symbol of a time that once was. I don't know when yesterday started, I don't know when it ended. I just know that it has. Yesterday I started by hiding all these things I hide today. I hid them away daily and let the night wash them away. Yet these things were different then. They were doves, white and graceful, they could soar if I let them, but I was ashamed to let them free. I hid the beauty that was in side. I hid them from everyone.

Then one day, yesterday I let them fly, I let them fly for you. I opened up and you helped me see the beauty in these birds I hid away. How did you do it? I don't know. I guess I just felt able to show you what I am. I gave you a part of me to hold that was never before seen. You took it willingly, you held it and smiled. A smile that melted every barrier I've ever had.

Then as quickly as yesterday started, it was gone. Now I feel like that part of me never left yesterday. It still lives there, trying to find you again. But you left yesterday too. Now I am lost.
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